Sponsorship & How You Can Help

What Sponsorship Means to Your Company

Panorama Latino has been airing continuously since 2001, each Friday night at 8:30 pm on Comcast Cable, currently on Channel 2.  The show needs the support of companies who understand the importance of the show’s mission.  Any corporation or company, big or small, can help keep the show on the air. By becoming a sponsor, you show your commitment to helping the Hispanic community.

If a positive image is important to your company, you can make no better choice than becoming a sponsor of this critically important TV show!!   As a sponsor of Panorama Latino, your company will be featured on each show by your company name appearing on the set for all to see, or by being displayed on the screen at the conclusion of each show. You will also get recognition by the show hosts on the air during each show!  In addition, your company will be recognized on the show’s website and Facebook site. If you care about the well being of the Hispanics in the community and want to make a difference in peoples’ lives while promoting your business as a community minded company, become a sponsor of Panorama Latino today!!

How is the Show Promoted?

The show’s target audiance learns about the show through schools, Spanish language newspapers, radio programs that reach the area, Spanish language yellow pages, Spanish language web portals, and by way of flyers and other anouncements distributed and posted throughout the community in churches, Hispanic food markets, local businesses, supermarkets, laundromats, YouTube and our website.

How You Can Help

  • We need PSA’s (public service announcements) in Spanish. They can be 15 – 60 seconds in length, and the format needed is Beta SP, DVD or mini DV (640 x 480 digital image).
  • We welcome ideas about topics to cover and suggestions about organizations to invite on our show.
  • We need help in getting the word out to residents of Prince William County, Manassas and Manassas Park about the existence of our show.  If you can help or have ideas, please contact us.
  • We need sponsors to keep our show alive!  If you own a business or know of any business that might be interested, please let us know.  And! You don’t have to own a business to help. We gladly accept sponsorships from individuals. If you want to help the Hispanic community, join us to keep Panorama Latino on the air!